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National Selfie Day: Celebrate with Teeth Whitening!

June 21st is National Selfie Day, and if you want to look your best in your celebratory social media post, teeth whitening from Dr. Annese at Nashoba Valley Dental may be just what you need! At our office, we offer professional whitening for patients in Leominster, Harvard, and Pepperhill. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering teeth whitening to spruce up your smile:

Understanding The Basics Of Teeth Whitening

All of the most effective professional whitening products use the same basic active ingredients called “peroxides.” The most commonly-used peroxides are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. When a peroxide comes into contact with a stain on your teeth, it reacts violently and it breaks the molecular bond that holds the stain onto your enamel.

In turn, this bleaches your tooth, removing the stain and restoring its natural, white color. Peroxide-based teeth whitening can be used to remove almost all stains, including stains from drinking wine and coffee, tobacco use, and yellowing from the natural aging process.

In-Office Vs. Take-Home Teeth Whitening

At Nashoba Valley Dental, we offer both in-office treatments and take-home teeth whitening kits for our patients, so you can choose what’s right for you. If you need fast treatment and want a selfie-ready smile by June 21st, our in-office treatment is perfect for you. Dr. Annesse will apply a highly-concentrated whitening compound to your teeth and use a special UV light to activate the peroxide. At the end of your appointment, your smile will be up to 10 shades brighter.

If you would prefer more gradual results, take-home whitening kits may be the best option for you. Dr. Annese will create custom whitening trays for your teeth, and you’ll fill these trays with a whitening compound. You’ll get the same results as an in-office treatment, but over the span of several weeks for a more subtle look.

Why Choose Teeth Whitening?

  • Affordable – Teeth whitening is very affordable, and can restore the aesthetics of your smile even if you’re on a budget.
  • Non-invasive – No surgery or drilling is required, so teeth whitening is a great option if you want a brighter smile but would prefer to avoid more invasive cosmetic treatments.
  • Long-lasting results – With proper care, your smile will stay bright for years to come. Come back to Nashoba Valley Dental for regular teeth cleanings and touch-ups to keep your smile looking great.

Whiten Your Teeth for National Selfie Day: Schedule an Appointment!

If you’re in Shirley, Groton or Lunenburg and you’re interested in whitening your teeth, contact the team at Nashoba Valley Dental today! Dr. Annese is an experienced cosmetic dentist, and he’ll make sure your smile looks its best this summer. To get started, just give us a call at (978) 425-9088, or come by our office at 228 Great Road, Shirley, MA 01464. Happy National Selfie Day!

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