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Ear Pain After A Root Canal: What You Need to Know

If you’ve recently had a root canal and your ear has started to hurt, you may be wondering whether these issues are related. The team at Nashoba Valley Dental wants to keep you informed about any possible side effects of root canal treatment and what to do to care for them. Here’s everything you need to know about ear pain after root canal therapy:

Ear Pain Is A Common Symptom Of An Infected Rear Molar

It is fairly common for patients to experience ear pain before root canal therapy. If you have an infected upper molar, the bacteria may cause damage and pain in nerves that are very close to your ear. 

In fact, it’s not unheard of for patients to think they have an earache when they actually have an infected rear tooth, since a severe toothache can cause similar pain and discomfort. If your root canal is successful, this pain will be completely eliminated. So, what might it mean if you still have ear pain after a root canal?

Mild Pain In Your Jaw Or Ear May Not Be A Cause For Concern

Since root canal treatment requires you to hold your mouth open for a long period of time during the procedure, you may experience some discomfort in your jaw. This pain could radiate to your ear, particularly if an upper molar was treated for an infection. 

In addition, the area near your tooth and ear may feel sore due to the injections used to numb the area prior to treatment, causing similar sensations of soreness and pain. This type of pain is nothing to worry about, and it should fade after a few days.

Serious Ear Pain After Your Root Canal Indicates That Treatment Has Failed

If you are experiencing serious pain and discomfort near your ear and your treated tooth after your root canal, chances are that your root canal treatment has failed. This indicates that the pulp and root canal of your tooth may not have been cleaned properly. If your tooth is not completely disinfected, the infection can continue to attack your tooth structure.

It’s also possible that there is a crack or damage to the filling or crown that was used to restore and protect your tooth. This could lead to re-infection and decay of the root canal site.

Contact us right away for an oral exam and to get endodontic retreatment to eliminate the infection. If you suspect your root canal treatment has failed and you need a second opinion or want a different dentist to treat you, Dr. Annese is always here to help. 

Serious Pain After A Root Canal Is Not Normal – Get Help!

If you notice serious pain and discomfort near your ear for more than a few days after your root canal, something has gone wrong with your treatment. Get in touch with an experienced dentist like Dr. Matthew Annese right away. We offer same-day emergency appointments in Leominster, Pepperhill, Harvard and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at (978) 425-9088 to let us know you’re coming in, or stop by our office at 228 Great Road, Shirley, MA 01464.

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