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Celebrating Children’s Dental Health Month: Baby Tooth Loss FAQ

It’s February, and that means that the entire team at Nashoba Valley Dental is celebrating Children’s Dental Health Month! As part of our yearly celebration, we want to answer some common questions new parents have about baby tooth loss. When should it start? What should you do if your child has a loose tooth? Here are some answers to questions we hear the most:

When Should My Child Have All Of Their Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth usually start to erupt between the ages of 6-12 months, starting with the front incisors. The teething process typically concludes around the age of 3, so you can expect most children to have all of their baby teeth by then. Your child may differ, though, so make sure you consult with Dr. Annese regularly to ensure that their oral development is progressing correctly.

When Will My Child Start To Lose Their Teeth?

Most kids lose their first tooth around age 5-6. However, some kids may not lose their first tooth until the age of 7 while other children may start losing teeth at the age of 4. If you have questions about your child’s oral development, the best thing you can do is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Annese.

In What Order Will My Child’s Teeth Fall Out?

Usually, children’s teeth will fall out in the same order in which they erupted. In other words, you can expect them to lose their front incisors first. Next, you can expect the canines, premolars, and molars to fall out. By the age of 12, your child will usually have lost all of their baby teeth.

Should I Pull My Child’s Loose Tooth?

In most cases, we do not recommend pulling loose teeth. When a child’s tooth is loose, it will typically fall out naturally while they are eating, chewing, or even just “playing” with the tooth using their tongue. This is the best way for teeth the come out.

What Causes Baby Teeth To Fall Out?

Baby teeth fall out because pressure is placed on the roots as permanent teeth start to shift upward. This causes “resorption”, and the root of the baby tooth will slowly disintegrate. As this happens, the tooth becomes loose from the jawbone, and it eventually falls out.

Have Questions About Baby Tooth Loss? Come In Today!

If you have more questions about your child’s oral development, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Annese and the team at Nashoba Valley Dental Care. We specialize in family dentistry in Shirley, Groton, and Lunenburg. Bring your little one into the dentist to celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month! Contact us at (978) 425-9088, or come by our office at 228 Great Road, Shirley, MA 01464.

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